Look at this gem of a paperback I found!

It dates from 1978 - clearly a vintage year as it also produced Grease and, er, me... unfortunately the story itself doesn't quite live up to this pedigree, although the blurb tries hard::::

"It began in the boredom of the job queue and the streets, with a craving for the action and excitement the tower blocks and wasteland of the city could never give.

Karen relied on her sharp tongue to teach people the 'lesson' she reckoned they needed. Plain, gawky Gina used her physical strength against her tormentors.
Seraphina joined them for the security they gave; she needed to belong somewhere.
But Di was the acknowledged leader. She had a car, money, style.
Di was sick of her self-satisfied and wealthy family. She hated herself for what she had and what she was. The only way she could make amends was to hit out at people with possessions even when they were 'her own kind'.
At first they roamed the streets, bored and aimless, looking for trouble.
Then the money dried up, and the knives and knuckle-dusters appeared.
They had become the Gang Girls."

But hey, when a book's this good looking it's entertainment enough for me.
The grid, the typeface, the colours, oh my!
And the styling is supreme - a bloody lip, clenched fist, nail polish and a penknife - terrifying!!!

I love that the book cost 70p new, but by the time it had reached the Reject Shop it's value had fallen to 20p...
Hang on, I paid 99p for it plus p+p!
Mugged by the gang girls...