Size guide


Sizing is WILD. When buying vintage, to avoid disappointment and having to return items because they don't fit you, your best friend is a tape measure. (Paper ones available for free in IKEA! 😆) Listings will include the equivalent UK size, but also accurate measurements for each garment. The best thing to do is measure your body and also measure garments you already own that fit well, so that you can compare.



Wherever possible inclusive size options will be offered. You can filter products by size to make it easier to see what's available.

I would LOVE to offer a greater selection in larger sizing across the range of garments on the site. No-one should be excluded from buying cool stuff! I've been buying vintage since the 90's when I first started out with a stall at Portobello Market, and am all too aware that there is a real lack of vintage plus size clothes out there to find - believe me, I've tried, but only a small percentage of my archive meets this need. Our industry is only just catching up to the fact that larger sized people have money to spend and want to buy cool stuff (cue enormous eye roll), and fortunately the marketplace is now transforming. But the most collectible and cool brands that were producing in previous decades were certainly not catering to the larger among us. ☹️

The current original Girlgang garments on the site are a small amount of deadstock from years gone by, amongst which you may find a few UK 16's and 18's left - those sizes usually sold out immediately. When I started the brand back in 2005 it was really important to me to offer sizes 8-16 at least, as it was still typical for small brands to only produce sizes 8-14 or S,M,L.

If I ever get around to making new girlgang designs I commit to providing as full a size range as possible 💃