I've been buying and selling vintage since the late 90's - this stuff never runs out... Buying vintage or second hand clothing is the single BEST way to shop sustainably, so give yourself a big pat on the back and boast about it to your friends 😎

Buying less frequently, re-using and caring for our clothes to increase their lifespan is ultimately the only way to reduce our over consumption of fashion - something that we now know has become a huge problem for our planet. When your vintage treasures (and all treasures) come to the end of their chapter with you, please sell them on to someone else/donate them so they can have a second/third/fourth life!


All the girlgang stock currently for sale on site is deadstock from years gone by. Our fabric was sourced from UK mills and the garments were also made here by skilled suppliers I had personal relationships with and was happy that our values aligned. I started the business in its first form in 2005 and it was always important to me to work this way; small, skilled and local.

I have read every buddhist-in-business book going over the years and think about and research this stuff A LOT - so please trust that ethics are at the core of the business decisions I make. My aim is to bring you the hot stuff you can't live without - without doing any harm. In fact I'd rather aim for the net effect of my business activity to be a positive. It's a win-win!